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Noordhoek Country Fair

Carousel of Kids
What makes you think that the guy on the right wasn't impressed that I was taking photos of the kids on the carousel? I guess he was doing his dadly duty; but, damn, it sucks.

I took Kerry-Anne through to Noordhoek to have breakfast with an entire troupe of girlfriends. While she and they sat at one large table at Noordhoek Farm Village's Cafe Roux, I joined another outcast husband and his mate for a boys' breakfast (which I guess isn't quite as cool as a boys' night!).

After exhausting our boyish chatter Allan and I headed across the road to the Noordhoek Country Fair which seemed abuzz with excitement. Unfortunately for us, most of the excitement was to be had by families with kids (a condition that both Allan and I have craftily avoided. ;) ).

The fair had pony rides, food stalls, a foefie-slide, a brass band, clothing stalls, and of course - this tiny carousel. However, to be brutally honest, I think the fair was good fun for locals with young kids, but wasn't really worth making any kind of long trip to attend. But then, that's just the opinion of two kidless men!

I, perhaps cunningly, never realised that there would be an entrance fee - so thanks be to Allan for sponsoring my ticket. Big up to you Mr Kent! :)