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There’s something fishy about this art

There's something fishy about this art
You would probably have seen this piece of art if you've ever visited the Green Point Urban Park. It's pretty cool, don't you think?

This large pond forms part of the park's biodiversity garden - which itself is host do dozens of indigenous plant species. Right alongside the garden area are benches and large open grassy areas where you're welcome to lay open your blanked and unpack your picnic basket. The trees are unfortunately not yet large enough to provide lots of shade, so I'd probably advise an early morning or evening picnic - outside of core sunburn hours. :)

The park is right next to the Green Point stadium, very close to the Green Point lighthouse. Entrance is free and the gates are open every day from 07h00 until 19h00.

A different kind of fishing line

A different kind of fishing line
I'm just over 6 feet tall, and almost (very very almost) bumped my forehead into this delightful little surprise hanging near where colourful boats offload their fish at Kalk Bay harbour. Can you imagine anything worse than bumping into a clothes line populated with gooey fish?!

Although I never asked, I imagine that these fish have been set aside to become fish biltong in the cool sea breeze. I'm South African, and I've never had fish biltong. This is something I plan not to change. :)

Like a fish out of water

Fish out of water
These fish had been pulled from the ocean only a little while before I took this photo - so they'd be pretty safe to buy and eat. In fact, they'd probably be very tasty!

This isn't always the case though. Often you'll see run down bakkies (light delivery vehicles) filled with fish and ice parked on the side of the road. You'll usually see two or three guys (who've clearly been fishing for some time) each waving one or two long snoek fish in your general direction. The idea is that you'll be so tempted by the memory of your last snoek braai that you'll immediately pull your car over to buy one or two of their tasty fish!

To be honest though, I've never bought a fish from the side of the road, and this is only partly because I normally see the bakkie far too late to stop. In reality, the reason I don't go to more effort to stop is (a) because I hate cleaning fish and (b) because I've often seen the same bakkie parked for hours in the warm sun at the side of the road. Even though the fish are on ice - by the end of the day the ice is melted and the fish clearly aren't as fresh as they once were.

Call me paranoid - but have you ever writhed in pain after eating dodgy food, and can you say "salmonella"?!