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Public Transport on World Cup match days

Flags in the Ticketing Office
We're going to be at the first World Cup football match played in Cape Town on Friday 11 June. It's going to be awesome! :)

Given that we live about 25km outside of Cape Town, in the Northern Suburbs, we have one of two options to get to the stadium. We could drive as far as we are able to (considering that there will be loads of road closures), or we could take the train into Cape Town and then either walk the 2.6km to the stadium or catch a bus.

To be sure that we don't miss out on the vibe of the day we're very keen on taking the train into Cape Town. According to the capetown.gov.za site we won't have to worry about buying rail or bus tickets as we're able to use our match tickets to get a free ride leading to and from the stadium. Yay!

See the government site's transport page for for maps and detailed information relating to transport on match days. And, if you intend taking a car into the city be sure to familiarise yourself with the road closures - it'll save you plenty of time and frustration.