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Shriveled black grapes

Black 'n all shriveled
In my previous post I mentioned the black and shriveled grapes that I tasted directly from a local vineyard - these would be them. Okay, so I didn't have one of the most shriveled - I'm not sure they would be so pleasant, but the moderately-shriveled ones, hiding behind the very shriveled ones - they were pretty good. :)

Tart red / sweet black

Tart red / sweet black
I noticed plenty of old black grapes hanging from this vineyard as I walked along the perimeter. Many were shriveled as if the moisture had been sucked out of them, but this little bunch was still fairly red, and young-looking.

I decided to try one of the black and one of the red ones - just to compare. The black, slightly deflated, grapes were fairly sweet while these red ones were pretty much the opposite - a little tart. So, i had another slightly deflated black grape. :)

I'd never actually walked along a vineyard, eating grapes, and while I only had about 5 in total, I have to say that it was a somewhat pleasant experience. You should try it some day.