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Industry and mines

Industry and mines
Mining and mine workers drive a huge proportion of our industry, and are responsible for much of the country's industrial successes.

Most of us who work, work hard. But, don't you think that miners (the guys who work and live far away from their families, and labour under the most arduous of conditions) should be given just a little more respect than we tend to give them? Perhaps they should be paid a little more than we think is fair. They're important people, and after all, we're not in the times of Sneferu and Khufu.

I'll step down from my soap box now. :)

Caltex oil refinery in Milnerton

Caltex oil refinery

We've been trying to get a photo of this oil refinery for almost as long as we've been running this blog. Paul's tried while I was driving; I've tried while Paul was driving; I've even tried snapping a shot while stopped at the traffic lights opposite the refinery; but for some reason the angle and light has never been quite right and we've always ended up with a tree in the way, or blurry shots, or a passing car obscuring the subject.

Yes, of course, in theory we could just pull the car off the road and walk back a little way to get a good shot, but the trouble is that we're always (and I mean ALWAYS) in a hurry when we're passing this way. A few days ago we got lucky though, and you can see the result above (this is just a small part of the refinery complex, of course). I'll leave it to you to guess who was doing the driving and who was doing the shooting... ;-)

The refinery was built in the early 1960s and began operations in 1966. Of course, it's been upgraded a few times since then, and according to the Caltex website it "remains one of the largest industrial undertakings in the Western Cape, providing much-needed jobs and economic growth in the area." Unfortunately it also provides a rather unpleasant fragrance, but that's a story for another day...