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Angry lions

Angry lions
While some things are debatable, you definitely don't want to encounter one of these bad boys out in the open veld.

At home, we have our own fierce feline that roams the plains of our back yard. While most often very sweet, when I or brother have been particularly irritating, she transforms into a clawing beast that no man would want to tussle with!

White Lions – a tragedy

Female White Lion
We visited the Cape Town Lion Park, "Home of the White Lion", and left feeling a fair bit depressed. While clean and well fed, the lions are kept in sterile-like enclosures with little shade and little to keep them distracted from the blandness of the environment in which they find themselves.

We paid our R70 entrance fee and walked the short distance to the enclosures to see the lions. Our visit lasted about 30 minutes, and the above aside, I can't say that it was worth the entrance fee - and can safely say that we won't feel the need to visit again.

Just to clarify, I fully support rehabilitation and conservation projects - even those that preserve animals who could never be reintroduced into the wild. However, I found no information on Cape Town Lion Park's website, besides for a reference to "education" to indicate that they were involved in conservation.