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Valentine’s day Silent Cinema with Short & Sweet

Valentine's day Silent Cinema with Short & Sweet

Even though the wind was frustratingly-blustery, still we went along to Short & Sweet's first silent cinema in Deer Park, just below the well-known Deer Park Cafe.

Given that Deer Park is in the middle of a residential neighbourhood, Short & Sweet hired the services of a company that does silent discos/parties using headphones that receive the sound via a radio channel. It was quite different (though quite nice actually) sitting amid a group of people, with the only sound being that of the wind blowing and momentary gasps or bursts of laughter.

Julia, founder and curator of Short & Sweet's film evenings, put together a series of short films, animations, and even a music video to entertain us. The genre's were quite diverse, beautiful, and at times probably touched a little on some of the more conservative's boundaries.

Keep an eye on their Cape Town Facebook page for details about their screenings and regular Wednesday evening productions.

Black Day, a contrast to Valentine’s Day

Lingerie Shop

Yesterday had most of Cape Town celebrating Valentine's Day - restaurants were fully booked, and parties all over Cape Town were buzzing. While we were driving to the friend's party that I spoke of yesterday, Kerry-Anne spotted this lingerie shop in Kloofnek Road. Isn't it an awesome display?

To get back to the title of this post - and for the sake of those who are single - did you know that in South Korea there's a tradition that on Black Day (14 April) single people get together for a meal of noodles with black bean sauce? That sounds like an awesome idea! Just imagine, a room full of single people... a room full of possibility. :)