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Peacock and Peahen – a first date

Peacock and Peahen - a first date
We of course don't know for sure that these two were on a first date, but the peacock on the left was the only one (of about 10 peafowls) that followed the peahen onto the roof of this pergola. He seemed to be eyeballing her intently.

What you can't see in the photo is that there was a bush fire burning in the vicinity, billowing smoke into the clear sky, causing the light to change from its ordinary mid-day bright white into a soft orange hue. Normally a peahen's feathers are pretty dull, lacking colour, but on this day the filtered light transformed her plumage to be the golden brown colour that it is in this photo. Click the photo to see the large version. Isn't she beautiful?

An alternate theory, to a "first date", is her alleged suitor wasn't actually a suitor at all... perhaps he was simply in awe of (and probably jealous of) her unusually-pretty plumage!

The clothes maketh not the peacock

The clothes maketh not the peacock
Contrary to what I'd previously believed a study conduced in Japan revealed that peahens (like the dull-grey one on the left) aren't at all impressed by the size or brilliance of the peacock's plumage, nor by how neatly it's been pressed at the dry-cleaners.

According to the study it's what the peacock says that makes all the difference. I have reason to believe this may too apply to the human race.