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Nay, not Devin, it’s Jon-Peer playing with fire

Devin The Juggler playing with fire
Jon-Peer's mom clearly never told him not to play with fire. I watched JP from FireTribe perform is fire-rope act at Vaudeville, and I have to say that it was entrancing.

Us humans are so enchanted by fire - have you ever stood at a fire and just stared into the flames? That, and wonder, were more or less the feelings that I had while watching the burning ropes flash across the stage.

If you ever have the opportunity to see Jon-Peer's fire act - you shouldn't pass it up. :)

Edit: In case you're wondering, after publishing this post I realised that I had mistaken Jon-Peer for Devin The Juggler. Consequently I've edited this post to correct the information. I've seen Devin's crystal ball act at a corporate function a few months back and it was freegin' phenomenal - visit Devin's website for information and bookings.

French showgirls at Vaudeville

French showgirls at Vaudeville
Guys are such suckers for girls singing French songs. I kept an eye on the appreciative guests while these showgirls performed at Vaudeville. I watched smiles broaden and swear that I could hear hearts beat a little faster as the three ladies descended from the stage to walk among their new fans - click on the last two photos below to see what I mean. :)