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Volkswagen aka (Our Beloved) Volksie

Volkswagen aka Volksie
This car is so unmistakable that showing only the corner leaves even the most car-illiterate person certain of the make. Clearly it's a Volkswagen Beetle, or as South Africans have come to know the vehicle, a Volksie.

There were for so long so many of these cars on our roads that it seems a rental company, Best Beetle, has bought up as many as they could afford and now specialises in hiring out these cars for long periods of time. Depending on how long use hire the car for, according to their website, one of these will cost you between R1950 and R1450 per month. The problem is, and I don't mean this about the hire-cars specifically, but the cars are getting on in years and, well, they're certainly not as reliable as the new vehicles you'd hire from, say, AVIS.

That said, there are many privately owned Volksies still running around just fine on our roads and I guess they are fun. Perhaps the reason is that they do have a very beach-going care-free-student feel about them - which does actually have some appeal.