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Trains, boats, and harbours
The train crawling out of Kalk Bay station in the background departs from Cape Town station, passes though Cape Town's southern suburbs, and then takes a sharp right turn at the cost to wind it's way along the beaches of False Bay towards Simon's Town. Even though the train's interior isn't in a great condition, and it's not a "first-class" ride, the views and experience certainly are first-class. And yes, it's pretty safe - as long as you keep to daylight hours.

Tourists and locals alike can buy cheap day-traveler hop-on-hop-off tickets at Cape Town station. Besides for sticking to daylight hours, the only advice I'd give is to head out early and to try and pick a sunny, windless day.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Horns not to be lubricated

Horns not to be lubricated
Is it just me, or does that sentence read a little phallically? :)

The object in this photo is the end of a train-carriage; the part that hooks on to the next carriage. I wonder if carriage horns should normally be lubricated and if this sign was painted on the horn to indicate to the guys who normally maintain the carriages that this one had been decommissioned and should no longer be lubricated. I'm not sure - do you know?