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Chapel among the vines

Church among the vines
Isn't this scene, with the little church and green vines, just beautiful? The afternoon's soft autumn light, falling across the vineyard, was absolutely captivating.

We took a quick drive into Montpellier, and given what we saw (how beautiful the place is) I'm fairly certain that hiring this venue for a wedding would cost a pretty penny... however, it really is very pretty - and probably perfect if you'd love to get married out in the country.

Perhaps you know that the city of Montpellier is in southern france. Do distinguish this estate, its full name is "Montpellier De Tulbagh" (or "Montpellier Du Cap", as noted at their front gates).

Surrounded by mountains

Surrounded by mountains

Most of the Tulbagh area's beauty comes from its terrain. While there's a great deal of wide open space (which is good for clearing one's mind), the area is completely surrounded by mountains - which are in some way very comforting. I, like all Capetonians, get a bit weirded-out if all I'm able to see is barren flatness with no mountains in sight. It's difficult to explain really. :)

Take a few moments to browse this satellite image - you'll see what I mean by surrounded!

Church Street in Tulbagh

Church Street in Tulbagh
Church Street is really, as far as we could tell, the prettiest place in the town of Tulbagh. The rest of the town is a little run down, but Church Street has plenty of quaint Cape Dutch houses, beautiful gardens, and several restaurants and coffee shops along its length.

On our first night in Tulbagh we tried a small Belgian restaurant, the name of which I can't quite recall now - but no-matter, it's easy to find. :) The restaurant is operated by what appears to be a retired gentleman and his charming wife (whom I believe is the chef), and is about the closest thing to fine-dining that I believe you'll find in a rural town like Tulbagh. It's certainly worth a visit, so if you overnight in the town, do give them a try.