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Cape Town’s Winged Victory at the Cenotaph

Cape Town's Winged Victory at the Cenotaph
The Cenotaph in Buitenkant Street (at the bottom of Adderley) is a memorial of those who died in the World Wars, as well as for those who died in the Korean war.

The Wikipedia page quotes South Africa's 1924 Governor-General, the first Earl of Athlone as stating:

"I cannot but believe that the existence of these visible memorials, which are to be found throughout the world – silent witnesses to the desolation of the war – will through the years to come, be potent advocates of peace and will eventually serve to draw all peoples together in mutual understanding."

I can say, that looking at these memorials up close, I can see exactly what he meant. Whether they'll have any effect on war-makers; of that I'm unconvinced.

(Oh, and in case you missed that... no, neither did I know that Athlone had Earls!)

A World War 1 memorial cannon

A World War 1 cannon
War is sad, and those who paid the great price for the sake of the safety of their countrymen should be remembered. The inscription on this cannon found near the top of Cape Town's Company's Gardens reads:

Erected to the memory of the officers, N.C.Os & men
of the S.A. Heavy Artillery who fell in The Great War
1914 - 1918.