Belly-dancing set 1

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5 thoughts on “Belly-dancing set 1

  1. Beverley

    So many of them it’s hard to pick out favourites..I love the way you’ve captured the movements, colours and facial much hard work put in by the dancers – super set of photo’s!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    It is difficult hey Bev. I took over 500 photos. The part that I dislike most is choosing which to include in the album.

    I have to say that dancers make it really easy to get shots that convey movement… and the costumes, jewellery and colour made it even easier.

  3. Nixgrim

    So many of these women are so ordinary. They’re not catwalk models – they’re women aged 30+, some of whom have clearly reared children. In other words, they’re women like me who don’t have a teenager’s body anymore. What I really like about this is that they’re showing off their bodies in a totally confident way. They truly are (in the words of one of my favourite bloggers) ‘Gorgeous and Divine”. They showcase everything that is best about women.

    What best about us is NOT the way we look – it’s the courage and determination it takes to a) get up there and b) get up there wearing next to nothing; it’s the perseverance of learning a new skill; it’s allowing the joy of new things (friendships/ hobby) to shine through your eyes; it’s the wisdom of generations allowing us to be who WE are, not who society wants us to be.

    Truly inspiring! If I had the time and money, I would seriously consider joining them.

  4. Kerry-Anne

    Nixgrim, you’ve really hit the nail on the head. Really. And I think you should give it a try. :) The classes I go to aren’t expensive at all (R270 for 6 lessons), and strictly speaking I don’t have the time for it either – but I’m so glad that I go nonetheless.

    When I started I had no intention of carrying on for more than maybe two months, but I got seriously hooked, and now I can’t imagine stopping.

    Just try it. ;-)


    It is great to see how well the show went, these girls realy worked hard!
    You desirve aplause!
    Sandy from Belly Divas – Pretoria

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