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  1. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Emm. You know, I have the feeling that you could do that and get away with it without fear of danger. This cheetah was so tame and played so nicely with it’s friend (the dog in the next photos) that it seemed more like a house cat than a wild beast. Besides for the food bill and the huge litter tray that you’d need, wouldn’t you like to have one? :)

  2. Emm

    I know – cheetahs are the sweetest things! I played with a tame one up at Rhino and Lion Park too. They just warned us not to play with her paws or tummy, which was hard as it was precisely where I wanted to stroke her!! My cats give me enough heart ache in summer – not looking for any other wild, wandering pets right now!! (Oh yeah, maybe I should cancel the guinea foul??!!)

  3. Paul

    Post author

    Heh – yes, Elizabeth also hates it when I play with here claws or tummy… but I guess her claws aren’t quite as detrimental to my health. Oooh, wow, are you sure? I was just about to lay the garden traps. ;)

  4. Emm

    Heh. Yes. My cat seems determined to do a repeat of last year’s tricks including disappearing for days on end, charming the neighbours into feeding him and getting into fights. I really hope I am a less anxious parents than I am cat owner because this cat breaks my heart I tell you!

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