About Us

How this blog was born

We started Cape Town Daily Photo in March 2007. We had visited Paris late in 2006 and upon our return I found myself suffering withdrawal symptoms. I searched the web for photos of Paris to ease the longing, and that's when I came across the fabulous Paris Daily Photo, a blog by French journalist Eric Tenin. The site gave me a sense of day-to-day life in Paris and a visual reminder of the things we had seen and experienced there.

Around the same time Paul had taken up photography as a hobby, but needed some kind of outlet for the photos he was shooting. Since we happen to live in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa (and the world!), it seemed an obvious step for us to join Eric and the City Daily Photo community that he had started; and so on 4 March 2007 we published the first photo for the very first South African City Daily Photo blog, Cape Town Daily Photo.

Who we are

Paul works in the IT department of a large insurance company, as an Technical Architect, and I run my own business, August Sun Projects, a content strategy consultancy. We've both lived in Cape Town all our lives, and love the city dearly.

Frequently-asked questions

Who takes the photos?
Paul takes the photos and writes the brief articles that go with them.

Where do you find the time to go out and take a photo every single day?
We don't take a photo every single day. If we did, you'd see a lot of boring shots of our cats, our furniture, and the flowers in our garden. We live half an hour away from the city centre, the southern suburbs and the beaches, so unfortunately it's just not practical for us to drive somewhere every day to get a usable shot. We try not to post any photo that is more than a week old, and most of the time the photo you see was taken either on the day, or in the past two to three days.

Can I use one of your photos for [insert purpose here]?
Our photos are licensed under Creative Commons (please take a look at the terms of the licence). We welcome the non-commercial use of our photos, subject to two conditions: the watermark must be left intact, and if you're using the photo online, you need to insert a link back to "http://www.capetowndailyphoto.com" or the URL of the actual post. If you'd like to use one of our photos for commercial use, please contact us first to discuss the conditions. Refer to our full Terms and Conditions for more information, or if you're unsure. If you'd like to buy stock photos, then please take a look at our stock photos library.

How can we get our establishment/activity featured on the blog?
If you'd like us to photograph your restaurant, guest-house, event or anything else, contact Paul on . We don't accept payment for posts, but we would appreciate it if you issue us an invitation to stay at your guest-house, eat at your restaurant, come to your event or take part in your activity at no expense. We feel this is a very fair exchange for the value you gain by being featured on the blog. (Read more about how to get your establishment onto CTDP here.)

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