Lights, cameras, and a J&B party-starter

Cameras, lights, and a J&B party
Even though the weather's been particularly chilly and wet over the last few days, there was a huge gathering of local and international celebrity party-starters and guests, as well as a fairly sizable entourage of media at J&B's Start a Party launch last night.

We were pretty excited about the party, but are now even more so after hearing about the video mapping, LED dancers, video dance floor, and floating stage (although, I'm not sure where the stage will be floating - it's not like the castle is filled with water!).

Any party needs an awesome DJ - and we'll have four of them tonight. The well-known Detroit-based DJ, Carl Craig will be headlining the party, with backup from South Africa's Monique Pascal, Culoe de Song and Ivan Turanjanin.

Tonight's J&B Start a Party is going to be legendary - over the next day or two I'll share a few stories and photos from the event; but right now, I think it's about time to start suiting-up for the big gig. :)

2 thoughts on “Lights, cameras, and a J&B party-starter

  1. Carolina Elizondo

    Hi Paul!

    Your pics of the event are really awesome! I wonder if you could send me some of them, please? :)

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