What made J&B’s Start a Party awesome

Refresh with Valpré

As you may have gathered from my articles on Friday and Saturday, Kerry-Anne and I joined about 350 other people at the Castle of Good Hope for J&B's annual Start a Party party.

Given the title of this article (and if you were actually at the event) you're probably wondering why I posted a photo of an ice box with water when I could have posted a photo of the dance floor, bars, or DJs. If so, well then hang ten - I'll get to the party in the next post. This post is about the little extras that made Start a Party so memorable.

The first thing was that J&B made sure that there was always ice-cold water available, free of charge. Notice the text engraved in the ice pictured below? "Refresh, rehydrate, and remember the party." In addition to encouraging party-starters to drink plenty of water, they provided everyone with only 5 free coupons for mixes and cocktails (to discourage over-indulging). And, since 5 drinks would set everyone except perhaps Chuck Norris over the limit, J&B provided a free taxi service to anyone who wanted to make use of it.

The theme of the party was "party of the future", which brings me to the second thing that was awesome about the event. The halls and rooms of the Castle were filled with coloured lights. Bright-green lasers from along the floating stage cut through the smoke bouncing against mirror balls - and even mirrorball man on occasion! J&B had even arranged digital photo stations that took snaps of our faces, which were later used on huge touch-screens to bring life to our virtual cyber-party characters.

There were many more ancillary aspects that made the party different, and worth remembering; however, if I were to write about them all I fear that I'd eventually fall asleep on top of my laptop and awake with a keyboard embossed on my forehead. So, I'll leave it at that for now. But stand by, I'll post a couple more photos soon!

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  1. Paul

    Post author

    Thanks Ali – they were awesome ice buckets! I need to get some tips on how to make huge ice-blocks that are as clear as those were. I use to make ice sleds in my chest freezer – but they were never as pretty as these ice blocks.

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