Mirrorball Man! He knows how to start a party.

Mirrorball Man!
We were transported by bus from the fabulous Pepper Club hotel to the castle - and guess who was there to greet us as we stepped off the bus for the J&B Start a Party? Yes! Brighter than a candle, faster than a dingo, more flexible than Kerry-Anne's pilates instructor - it was the one, the only, Mirrorball Man! (I can hear your collective roar as I type this.)

Mirrorball Man loves parties, hates drunk party-spoilers, loves revelers, hates drink drivers, and loves conga-lines! Mirrorball Man and his men-of-yellow have a simple philosophy: don't drink too much alcohol, drink lots of water, and don't freegin' drink and drive - ever.

Keeping by Mirrorball Man's philosophy meant that we could actually remember every detail of the party. We remember the awesome Joburg peeps that we met, the wild Mexicans who raged on the dance floor, the beautifully-spoken French men who always make Kerry-Anne's knees wobbly, and even Bogun, the crazy and sometimes confused Korean (who spoke no English) in the top left of the photo. :)

Don't you think it's kinda odd for J&B to create a "responsible drinker" like Mirrorball Man? Naa, I didn't think so - I guess you can see the logic in it: live to party another day (with J&B of course). ;)

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