Monique Pascall – the real party-starter

Monique Pascall - the real party-starter

We arrived at the castle for J&B's Start a Party at around 9pm which is just about the right time to start getting a party going, wouldn't you say?

As we walked into the venue, we were greeted by the electronic sounds of the lovely Monique Pascall - which her bio refers to as being "Minimal and Techno with tough, dirty, progressive, rolling bass lines". Now, I'm not a huge techno/electronica geek, but on reflection and after critically listening to her tracks on sShadoworkss I'd say that the description is pretty accurate, and well deserved.

The most difficult time for a DJ to perform is at the start of a party, when everyone's still a little tense from the day and has had just a little too little alcohol to relax the inhibitions. Up for the challenge, Monique picked up the beat and got the party started, enticing the first few party-starters onto the dance floor. By the time she handed over the reigns to Culoe de Song, the party was pretty much tripping.

In case you're wondering who the guy in the photo below is, that's Ivan Turanjanin, a DJ who's pretty much synonymous with Fiction nightclub's Killer Robot.

5 thoughts on “Monique Pascall – the real party-starter

  1. Paul

    Post author

    Hey Fatima,

    I feal you pain – nobody comes to my parties. And, unlike your Supper Variety Show, I don’t even charge an enterance fee! It seems like J&B nailed this one though, but I think the secret is to put all your friends up in a 5-star hotel and hire a huge castle. :)


  2. Fatima Ebrahim

    hehehe from what money – I am unemployed and my non profitable business is 3months old. I was given a gift and stayed at Gold Reef Hotel wow what a place but so costly & i took advantage of all the freebies. The entrance fee is to cover the expenses for the local talent, they hardly make ends-meet. Last week I saw the groups at a fundraising event & my heart went out for them u can read about it in my blog when time allows. Dont wish to make my problems yours. Just want people to see the struggle of our young talent & youth are going thru. They come out to shine however get no support…. thanks for making the time to respond to me.

  3. Paul

    Post author

    I’m glad you found it amusing Fatima. :)

    I do admire your persistence and passion for the youth. It’s especially difficult for the kids who grow up in the Cape Flats. I hope your project turns to be a huge success!

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