A letter to Father Christmas

A letter to Father Christmas
15 December 2007

Dear Father Christmas,

I've been a really, really good boy this year. I've helped a number of little old ladies across the road, and I've saved two kittens from certain death - one was stuck high up in a tree and the other was about to be savaged by a mean-looking boerbul. I took fluffy toys to the children in hospital, and I ate all my vegetables.

With this in mind, I'd like to put in my request for a Christmas present: I'd really, REALLY like to wake up on Christmas morning to find a tricycle under the tree, with a big shiny bow around it. Yellow is my favourite colour, by the way.

Yours faithfully,
Big Mike

Father Christmas will always bring you exactly what you ask for, provided you're good throughout the year. Just ask Big Mike - he got his trike.

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