What’s potting here?

What's potting here?
Confession time. I have driven past this hand-painted sign more times than I care to recall (having lived in Cape Town all my life and all that), and on many of those occasions I have thought to myself, "What a curious sign... I wonder what it's all about..." But it is only now, today, that I can actually say, with some degree of confidence, "Aha! I know what Potliz is."

Potliz is in fact a ceramics studio ("pot" as in "pottery", see?), established by someone named Liz Albrecht (yes, it all makes sense now!).

The team of artists working at Potliz produce some awesome work, and now that I know that "Pot Liz" is not a woman selling herbs of dubious origin and intent, I shall make an effort to visit the studio and invest in some of their merchandise. The colours and designs are really beautiful, and the prices look pretty good too.

Apart from anything else, I think they're to be commended for making such original use of a hole in the wall. :-)

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