Remember And Give – UCT RAG floats procession

Remember And Give - UCT RAG floats procession
The annual floats procession along Adderley Street is just one of the fundraising events organised by the University of Cape Town's RAG committee.

Students work in teams to design and build floats based on a theme (this year's theme was "Homegrown Heroes"); the floats are then driven up and down Adderley Street in a colourful, energetic and wonderfully noisy procession. Each student has a collection box, and as they walk, run or... um... dance alongside their floats, they creatively request donations from the spectators lining the streets. All the money they collect goes to SHAWCO, a student-run organisation that concentrates on youth and community development programmes.

We took a LOT of photos today - visit Cape Town Daily Photo Extras to see more than 100 photos of the floats procession.

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