Fair Cape Downhill Challenge

Fair Cape Downhill Challenge
I took a drive out to Durbanville today where the IGSA "Fair Cape Downhill Challenge" skateboard and street luge competition was being held. I'm not sure exactly what speeds were reached this weekend, but it's reported that 103km/h and 117km/h were expected for skateboarders and street luge respectively. Although the bales of hay lining the road help to prevent serious injury, I can imagine that hay is still pretty hard if you fly into it at over 100km/h.

After two days of tough competition in the baking sun, Michael Zietsman came out tops with Anton Pratt, Richard Dweza and Tibor Hery following close on his wheels. Congratulations guys, you were cooking! ;)

Take a look at our Cape Town Daily Photo Extras blog to see more photos from today's event. Also, if you'd like to find out more about downhill skating, visit the South African Gravity Racing Association's website.

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