25 May is Africa Day

25 May is Africa Day
25 May is Africa Day, commemorating the day in 1963 when the Organisation of African Unity was founded. Unfortunately this day coincides with a sad period of disunity for South Africa. The past two weeks have been marked by shameful acts of crime and greed started by a handful of people under the guise of xenophobia. The issues surrounding the attacks are numerous and complicated, though still inexcusable. To date, the police and national defence force have together arrested over 200 people suspected of carrying out these attacks.

Our president, Thabo Mbeki, addressed the nation this evening on television, condemning the attacks and reminding the nation of its debt to the people of Africa. Click here to view his speech.

The guy in yellow is the Kaizer Chiefs soccer team's mascot who walks among the fans, rallying them up to support their team. I selected this photo from our archives because today is Africa Day and football is one passion that all brings all Africans together - even if they don't agree on who the best team is.

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