A light meal?

A light meal?
Kerry-Anne and I popped into Ziggi's (in Tyger Valley shopping centre) for an emergency lunch. This happens to us all the time - we get so caught up with going from place to place that we forget to eat. And then - it's panic-stations and we need to eat immediately.

It was the first time that we'd stopped to have a bite to eat at Ziggi's so I asked the waitress what she thought the nicest thing on the menu was. She suggested the Chicken Tikka panini - and oh, my, word, was she right. It really was very good and very filling.

Now, I'm not being paid by anyone to say so (seriously, though I wish I was ;)), if you need lunch and if you're really hungry, I can certainly recommend the Ziggi's Chicken Tikka panini. It really was that good.

Just do it. ;)

Oh, yes, some strange (strange) woman and her kids at the table behind us thought I was ridiculous bandying a "huge" SLR camera around in a restaurant - snapping arbitrary shots. She asked me in a decidedly patronising way whether or not it was a new camera that I just couldn't wait to try out. Kerry-Anne thought I responded in far too kind a manner...

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