At the movies

At the movies
We seem to seldom make time to go to the movies these days, although I'd have to guess that we're not unlike many of you in this regard. Kerry-Anne and I ventured out recently to watch Paris Je T'aime and The Incredible Hulk - both on the same day. I'm now pretty sure that we won't be watching two movies back-to-back again.... whew, it sure was tiring.

Going to the movies in South Africa can be an expensive outing, with a single ticket costing up to R45. Fortunately our medical aid believes that happy stress-free clients need medical attention less often, so they've struck a deal with one of the cinema companies whereby we're able to buy tickets for about half the regular price.

Now if only we had more time to actually go to the movies...

Click on the photo to see the large version - you should be able to read which movies are currently showing in cinemas here.

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