Father’s Day @ Royale

Father's Day @ Royale
Father's Day... a day on which we show appreciation to our dads for the contribution that they have made to who we are. My dad's not really very keen on the idea of Father's Day - he believes that it's simply another idea concocted by businesses to take money from us.

Anyway, our family kind of ignores his position on the matter and so I decided to take him out for lunch to Royale Eatery in Long Street today. Since Kerry-Anne has already written about Royale here, I won't say much more about this restaurant, except that the service and milkshakes were awesome.

You may notice that today isn't Father's Day, and that it's actually celebrated tomorrow on 15 June. I have a brother and sister, so they get to take our dad out on Sunday... I think I had the better deal however, since it seems as though it's going to be raining for most of tomorrow. :)

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