Spending time moving sand

Spending time moving sand
Gordon's Bay is a popular family beach. The reasonably warm sea water is pretty shallow for 50 to 100 metres (depending on the tide), with little backwash. False Bay, which includes Gordon's Bay, supplies this beach with either swells, or waves just about big enough for body surfing.

The only unpleasant aspect of Gordon's Bay is that at times the wind blows so violently that the supersonic sand stings one's legs, and umbrellas become impossible to tether.

I spotted this bulldozer moving sand from the high-water mark down to the ocean's edge. I imagine that the municipality realised that if they don't move the sand back to the water's edge, the wind will in no time move their lovely white sand down to Strand beachfront and they'll be left with too little beach to satisfy eager beach-goers.

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