It’s been a long long weekend

It's been a long long weekend
Today, 16 June, is Youth Day - a public holiday and a day on which South Africans remember the hundreds of students who died in the 1976 Soweto Uprising. Many took the opportunity to take a mini-vacation, staying over in hotels (like the Southern Sun hotel in this photo), guest houses, caravan parks and holiday resorts. Others took time out to attend Youth Day rallies around the country.

The Soweto Uprising was initially triggered by a government edict stating that black children would be taught in Afrikaans (the language of the then-oppressor) only. The rally on 16 June 1976 started off in a peaceful manner, but soon turned to violence when the police opened fire on the school children.

Today, 32 years after the protest, much has changed in South Africa. Nelson Mandela has been released from prison, the ANC has taken control of the country, the National Party no longer exists, and most children are able to receive instruction in their home language. The South Africa of today is entirely unlike the one of 32 years ago.

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