Bastille Day in Franschhoek

Bastille Day in Franschhoek
Kerry-Anne and I grabbed a boy- and a girl-friend of ours and headed off to the Bastille Day celebrations in the "French" town of Franschhoek today.

Except for berets and the French colours of blue, white and red, we were sad to discover very little else French. Now it may sound like I'm complaining, and you'd be darn right... we're longing back to our 2006 visit to Brittany and Paris and thought that a visit to the Bastille Day celebrations would be just the right consolation.

Alas, it was not so... we didn't hear one "bonjour", not a single "merci beaucoup" either; and instead of crêpes the locals were serving up pancakes (and crêpes are quite decisively different to local pancakes).

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