Confessions of a daily photo blog

Confessions of a daily photo blog
For more than a year we've managed to pretty much post a photo each day - only once in a while having to catch up with a day here or a day there. In this time we've been really appreciative of our readers' daily visits and the many comments we receive.

Due to work pressures keeping us fenced in ;-) for the past two weeks, we've been struggling to post a new photo every 24 hours, and in fact, if you visit often, you'll have noticed that we missed posting for several days at a stretch. And, while we do catch up on each day missed, we realise that this breaks from the appeal of a daily photo blog.

But you can be sure that the trend of the past 500+ posts will be restored, and we'll soon be in a position to post a new photo every 24 hours again.

Thank you for understanding, and for coming back to see more of our beautiful city each day.

This photo was taken at the relatively new Berg River Dam in the Franschhoek area. Notice the snow on the mountains in the background? It's still darn cold in Cape Town!

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