Simply Yum

Simply Yum
Tucked away in the quite city suburb of Vredehoek is Yum, one of Cape Town's finest restaurants. Known for it's wonderfully-good rump steak with creamy Jagermeister and mushroom sauce, Yum certainly is a favorite among people with a need for good food.

The restaurant has an casual bar area with an indoor fire burning to keep patrons warm and a separate non-smoking, slightly more formal area for finer dining. I say "finer" because although Yum isn't a traditional burgers and chips restaurant, their food isn't quite fine-dining either (in other words portions are big enough and the food tastes as good as it looks).

If you carefully review the decor on the walls you'll notice that Yum seems to have a cutlery theme going. They have old knives, forks and spoons (that you may recall your grandmother having) glued up on the walls.

Unless I find a particularly good photo to post for tomorrow, I'll show a photo of the very interesting teaspoon lampshades hanging from the restaurant's ceiling.

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