May I have the bill, please?

May I have the bill, please?

Kerry-Anne and I popped in at Col'cacchio Pizzeria at Tyger Valley's Willowbridge Mall this afternoon. Col'cacchio probably serves the closest thing that you'll get to real Italian pizza this side of the equator.

Instead of ordering one of the pizzas from the menu, today we opted to select ingredients and compose our own pizza. After a bit of deliberation we decided to share a bacon, black mushroom and avocado pizza.

Now I did intimate above that the pizzas at Col'cacchio are very, very good - but to be honest the one we had today wasn't that great. The lesson we learned was that if you deviate from the menu and select your own toppings for a pizza, beware, you may regret it (or, of course, you may devise the most wonderful, awesome, divine pizza known to mankind).

Don't you just love the cardboard envelope in which the bill was presented?

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