Cape Town storm: it’s not quite Gustav, but still pretty impressive

Cape Town storm: it's not quite Gustav, but still pretty impressive
We weren't quite as brave as the New Orleans residents who stayed behind to face Gustav: instead of heading out to storm-ravaged Kalk Bay ourselves today, we asked the crew from Zoopy to bring back a photo or two for us, since they're far more intrepid than we are. :-)

This is not an indoor pool, no. It's the interior of Polana, a restaurant at Kalk Bay harbour, after huge waves struck the area earlier today. Windows broke, tables floated out into the harbour, and as you can see, the restaurant was completely flooded.

There are more photos here and here. The Zoopy crew apparently took plenty of video footage, so we'll let you know as soon as that's been loaded onto their site.

You can read reports of the storm damage throughout the Western Cape here and here.

Thanks to the guys and girls at Zoopy!

Update: There are some fantastic photos of the giant waves in Kalk Bay on Luke Hardiman's blog. You can compare those with these: Kalk Bay harbour when it's not stormy.

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