Harvards rock at the Cape Town Air Show

Harvards rock at the Cape Town Air Show
Kerry -Anne and I shot through to Ysterplaat, our friendly local air force base, this morning to join thousands of others at the Cape Town International Air Show.

After what Cape Town's weather has been like over the last week or two, the organisers couldn't have hoped for a more pleasant weather. The sun was out, there were no clouds and although there was a breeze it wasn't enough to disrupt the carefully planned maneuvers which were executed with utmost precision.

We spent the day watching all kinds of aircraft, from the Oryx multipurpose helicopter to the Russian MI24 and South African Rooivalk (Red Falcon) attack helicopters. We watched as huge Boeing and Airbus commercial planes and Electric Lightning combat aircraft danced in the skies above.

However, in our opinion it was the Harvards that stole the show. After 63 years of flight, their bright colours, the distinctive high-pitched sound from their propellers beating the wind, and the impressive aerobatics again allowed them to steal the show for us.

We unfortunately had to leave before the Gripen figher aircraft and the Silver Falcons took to the sky. If things go according to plan we'll make it though to Ysterplaat tomorrow and bring back a few photos of what we missed today.

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