The Silver Falcons

The Silver Falcons
The aerobatics display of the Silver Falcons is possibly the most anticipated event at the annual Cape Town air show. The five pilots of these small aircraft made good on that anticipation this year demonstrating exactly what two wings, a propeller and a whole bag of skill can do in the air.

The Silver Falcons air force aerobatics team was originally formed in 1946 as a four-man team named the Bumbling Bees (what were they thinking?). In 1967 the new five-man team was renamed as the Silver Falcons - a far cooler name I'm sure you'll agree.

Currently all five pilots serve as flight instructors at the Central Flying School located at Air Force Base Langebaanweg (a little over 100 kilometers up our west coast). This is where they also spend their spare time practicing routines and formations that dazzle crowds at Ysterplaat each year.

Silver Falcons, thanks for an spectacular display earlier!

We're busy preparing a few extra photos taken at the air show this weekend. With any luck we'll have them ready by tomorrow, so do check back here early in the week.

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