Ever been lost at sea?

Ever been lost at sea?

If you've ever been lost at sea around the stormy Cape Town coast, that may have been the first time that you gave the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) a second thought. The Cape of Storms, as the area was once known, is no misnomer, and if tragedy were ever to strike I would be darn glad that the Society of Master Mariners decided to donate a rescue craft to a handful of volunteers way back in 1967.

The NSRI's 840+ volunteers respond to emergencies 24x7x365 and if they were to have a tag line, I believe it would read "We will respond" - they always do. I happened to notice today that the institute is raising finances to purchase satellite-based tracking devices for their boats, which could save the lives of the volunteers and the people they're out trying to save. If you feel prompted to support their initiative, read more about it on their website, or click here to download the PDF for more details.

I didn't have a photo of one of the NSRI boats handy, so if you haven't figured it out already, the rescue sign above was on the side of an aeroplane... but I'm embarrassed to say that I failed to take note of exactly which aeroplane it was. :o

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