The aircraft carrier has left Table Bay

The aircraft carrier has left Table Bay
I was extremely jealous when I heard that a colleague, Ettienne, actually had the opportunity to visit the USS Theodore Roosevelt as part of a media tour. I unfortunately can't take credit for his superb photos - you can see one of them above, and the other four are posted to our CTDP Extras blog.

If you've been following the reports and news you'll know that the SA Navy, SA Government and US Navy went to quite some effort to make this visit possible. The basic problem, as Ettienne explained to me, was that since the USS Theodore Roosevelt is nuclear-powered, South African law required certain legal liability to be accepted by the US Navy.

Clearly this was all resolved in the end and the American carrier slipped into Table Bay very early on Saturday morning. Read a little more about the USS Theodore Roosevelt and her arrival in this article, written by Ettienne.

The Theodore Roosevelt Strike Group left Table Bay yesterday morning and is headed up our East Coast, I believe. I have my suspicions that the Group may be headed up to the Somalian coast to "play tag" with pirates terrorising that area's waters.

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