Stodels Nursery

Stodels Nursery

My parents have shopped at Stodels Nursery forever. Robert Stodel, a horticulturist originally from Holland, discovered the local demand for flower bulbs more than 40 years ago. After selling bulbs door-to-door and even at the Parade in Cape Town, Robert opened the first Stodels Nursery in Kenilworth in 1968, later expanding by opening a second shop in Bellville (close to where we live) in 1973.

Since I was born only the year after, I guess it's fair for me to say that Stodels has been around forever. :) The earliest memory that I have of the nursery is of my parents buying a small Plane tree (also known in North America as a Sycamore tree). That tree is now a huge (and I mean huge) tree directly in front of their house.

So, needless to say, Stodels is still a thriving nursery, with a little restaurant and an assortment of farmyard animals for kids to touch and play with. It's still a fun place to shop, though every time Kerry-Anne mentions visiting Stodels my heart sinks just a little... good plants don't come cheap. ;)

6 thoughts on “Stodels Nursery

  1. Steve

    Besides your Durbanville and Kenilworth Branches ,where else can one donate our newspapers next friday for a tree for Arbour day????? Live in Bokaap with limited transport and I’m sure there are many others!!!! Wot about the Grand Parade??????? Just an idea,or maybe I didn’t hear the whole conversation till the end on Soli’s Show!!!!

  2. Arnold Fourie

    Hi, my son and I visited Stodels, in Belville, on Sunday and it was very inspiring. I lost my dear wife last year in August and since then have been quite demotivated regarding keeping our garden in good shape and it has become very neglected. But visiting Stodels was such an inspiration and I feel like getting our place in shape again. But I need help. Is there anyone out there that could come and motivate me – I’ll do the physical work, if someone just tells me what to do – like one stage at a time, over a period of time, and then monitors my progress, so that I don’t fall back – I am still physically fit and can work hard, if I get the right motivation – our home has a lot of potential and could become a real paradise with the right TLC. I hope someone has it in their heart to help – I’d be really grateful – Thanks – Arnold Fourie

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