While visiting Australia a few years back we discovered that Woolworths in South Africa is quite unlike Woolworths in other parts of the world. The South African Woolworths started off as a upmarket clothing store - not like the Woolworths food shop that non-South Africans know. Slowly over the years it's become more affordable, and today caters for middle to high income groups.

I mentioned that the store started off as a clothing store; they then later branched out into homeware. A number of years ago the company introduced a food department supplying carefully graded, high-quality foods. These days we even have petrol stations (service stations) with small on-site Woolworths convenience stores that are open 24 hours a day. They're awesome - and a great step up from the often-dodgy convenience stores found at many other petrol stations.

5 thoughts on “Woolworths?

  1. Cape Town Vista

    Oh yes, you must be careful when admitting to wearing a Woolies shirt. Do that in England, and you’ll be laughed at. Our Woolies is like Marks & Spencer in Britain. I’ve even seen items sold at our Woolies with the (I think) St Michaels trademark of M&S.

  2. Kim

    As someone who is 8 months pregnant, I’m not sure how I would have managed without the 24 hour Woolies food at my local Engin garage. Or should I say how my husband managed, seeing how he’s the one who would have to go find chocolate brownies and hazelnut iced coffee in the middle of the night!

    Rumour has it Pick ‘n Pay is negotiating a similar arrangement with BP garage and they’ve been offering some really good ready-to-eat snacky foods lately…

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