February Theme Day: Paths and Passages


While Kerry-Anne watched another Standard Bank Pro20 cricket match at Sahara Park Newlands this afternoon, I spent some time reading IT strategy documents in between sips of coffee (and beer:)) at the little restaurant at Montebello. The document, discussing strategic direction, was coincidentally in line with today's City Daily Photo theme of Paths and Passages. I spotted this signpost just as I was leaving, and thought it would be an interesting take on the theme.

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2 thoughts on “February Theme Day: Paths and Passages

  1. denton

    Did you alter you strategic direction of IT based on any pathways you visited in the City Daily Photo community (smile) … Nice photo and surely one directs the passage of many people.

  2. Jilly

    Ah, that’s a different take and a nice photo too. Which path to take! I’d probably go to the restaurant…then take what I bought to the Greenhouse and eat it there.

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