Not quite the J&B Met

Horse racing

At the end of last week I mentioned that we were going to visit friends in Royal Ascot for breakfast today and were hoping to get some photos of horses training outside the Gold Circle stables.

On the way to their apartment this morning we heard the radio DJ mention that the J&B Met - only the largest horse racing event in Cape Town - was on today! It had completely slipped our minds. This meant that there were very few horses training this morning, and the photo above is one of the few that I managed to snap of horses working off a little excess energy before presumably being transported to the Met at Kenilworth.

Thanks guys, the breakfast was awesome - but it does seem as though we'll have to do it again some time soon. :)

2 thoughts on “Not quite the J&B Met

  1. Beverley

    Yes we’ve been seeing the advertising signs around the city for this event..good action shot Paul and it sounds as if taking pics was secondary to having breakfast anyway!!

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