Fiery sky

Red-sky sunset

I decided to post this photo today for two reasons. Firstly, the fiery sky symbolises the raging flames that have been ravaging large parts of the Cape over the past few days. Last night's rain and today's slightly cooler weather served only to slow the fires down. We're hoping that this evening will bring more rain so that the firefighters can take a break from the battle.

And then, this photo also reminded me of the fact that it's Valentine's Day next Saturday... and I need help! I still haven't booked anything, and have no clue what we should do. Here are some of the ideas I've had, and suggestions that have been tossed my way:

  • Have dinner at the Ritz in Sea Point: The Ritz has a revolving restaurant on top of the hotel that gives diners 360° views of the city, mountain and oceans. It's a great idea, but the restaurant is already fully booked.
  • Have a picnic at one of the many wine farms around Cape Town: Awesome idea, but I'm not sure at this stage what the weather's going to be doing.
  • Go to the theatre: One of our friends is taking his wife to see Beauty and the Beast at the Artscape Opera House. Strangely enough, Kerry-Anne didn't seem to be particularly taken with this idea, though. Perhaps because she knows I'm not keen on musicals...
  • The big one - a weekend at the famous Kruger Park: We've never actually been to the Kruger Park (can you believe it?), even though it's one of South Africa's major tourist destinations. I thought this was an awesome idea (and discovered that it's surprisingly affordable!), but Valentine's Day is now only a week away and there's no way I'll be able to get leave from work. :(

So really, guys (and girls), if you have any suggestions I'd be very keen to hear them!

7 thoughts on “Fiery sky

  1. Susan

    Hi Paul. I check out your daily photo whenever happy memories of last year’s trip to South Africa cross my mind. You gave me great advice then, here’s mine now: Love is not about a grand gesture on the day Hallmark declares appropriate, it’s about showing her how much you value her on a regular basis. Take her someplace meaningful to the two of you tonight. Stay home on Valentine’s. Cheers! Susan from California

  2. Alison from Cape Town

    I’m with Susan :-)

    We have a pro-Valentine policy in our marriage: date night *every* week all year round!

    And we diarise NOT to EVER buy flowers in the week running up to Valentine’s Day because (according to the flower sellers) the wholesalers put the prices up 2 weeks before :-(

    It’s been working well for us now for 16 years!

  3. Paul

    Post author

    @m_m – Thanks!

    @Ed – Yes, nice idea actually – although – there’s that temperamental Cape Town weather to consider. :) I’ll check the forecast in a moment.

    @Susan – Great to hear from you again! You make a good point, and I agree. For years we never actually did much at all. I think on the first Valentines day (when we were dating) we stayed home and she made me lasagna with desert – home-made chocolate mousse I think it was. :)

    @Alison – oooo… now you make it sound like you get flowers regularly, all-year-round… I think I’m in dire trouble already… :)

    For us it’s not at all the commercialised aspect that we appreciate, it’s all the people that you see out on Valentines day. It’s nice to see everyone out on “dates” with loved-ones. It’s like mass-love-hysteria. :)

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