Turtle among the lilies

Turtle among the lilies

I wonder how many visitors to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens know that there are turtles hovering in the ponds, keeping a beady eye on passersby. Shortly after I took this photo Mandrake (the turtle in question) swam to the side of the pond, giving chase as I slowly, and then slightly more rapidly, backed away.

As it turns out Mandrake wasn't really after me, or my pointy camera. He headed straight past me towards the pathway - for what purpose I'm not sure. It seemed as though even he was perplexed when he reached it! I understand that peak turtle breeding season is coming to a close, so perhaps he (or perhaps she) was just trying to look as fierce as a turtle is able to look.

For a moment I quivered. :P

4 thoughts on “Turtle among the lilies

  1. Nixgrim

    Which pond was this taken in?? We’re members and regular visitors and I’ve NEVER seen a turtle there. My daughter would LOVE to see one!

  2. Paul

    Post author

    @Nixgrim – mmmm… I’m not actually sure Nixtrim. We entered at the top gate (the one on the inside) and walked down loads of steps, past the restaurant. I think the pond was on a large open lawn… kinda halfway down to the bottom enterance, about 15 metres from a fairly wide walkway.

    @Steffi – Thanks! :)

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