Bakers Mini Cricket at Newlands

Bakers Mini Cricket at Newlands

Bakers Mini Cricket is a development programme aimed at introducing South African boys and girls of all races and economic groups to the game of cricket at a very young age (as you can see in today's photo - look at the size of some of those shirts compared to the size of their occupants!).

Bakers Mini Cricket is apparently the longest-running sports development sponsorship in South Africa - they celebrated a quarter-century last year. Cricket South Africa says that over two million children have been involved in the Bakers Mini Cricket programme so far, including some of our top professional players, like Mark Boucher and Makhaya Ntini. You can read more about the history of the programme on the Bakers Mini Cricket website.

I spent a few hours at Newlands today, watching the Australian cricketers taking a bit of a pounding from the Proteas. During the lunch break the field was occupied by a whole bunch of Bakers Mini Cricketers, who entertained us with some of the most adorable cricket I've seen in a long time. We'll be uploading more photos just as soon as we can finish processing them - and there'll be a few of the bigger cricketers too, not just these teeny-tiny ones. (In the meantime, our photos of The Dirty Skirts in concert at Kirstenbosch are up - have a look and let us know if you spot yourself in the crowd!)

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19 thoughts on “Bakers Mini Cricket at Newlands

  1. Jean

    Man.. te oulik! I enjoyed this photo so much, thanks Kerry! I also could not help notice the great punt for Warwick wines in the background… they have a marvelous pinotage, that we have here in Sydney Au.. thanks for the pic again. Can I use this pic perhaps in a newsletter to our club members, with the Warwick punt?

  2. Kerry-Anne

    Post author

    Jean, glad you liked the photo. Wait till you see the action shots – too cute for words. :) Yes, you are welcome to use the photo, as long as you don’t mind crediting Cape Town Daily Photo (and if it’s an online newsletter, preferably linking back to our site). Let us know if you do use it – we’re always keen to see where our photos have ended up. :)

    Firefly, I wasn’t a sporty kid at all, but I remember hearing “Bakers Mini Cricket” being mentioned at primary school very often. A part of our history, like Pumpkin Patch and Knight Rider… :P

    Bev, wish you were here too! I suspect the year is going to fly by though, and before you know it we’ll be eating marinated lamb chops and chicken wontons at Wakame again. My teeny-tiny pencil is getting plenty of use, by the way… ;-)

  3. Aqeelah

    Hi Kerry

    My son took part in the festival at Newlands on Sunday. When I asked him how he felt when walking onto the field, he said “excited & nervous”. Please can you let me know how I can have a look at the other pics you have, I would like to see if you have any with him on.


  4. Mogammad

    Hi Kerry

    Thanks for capturing this wonderful moment for us so brilliantly. . This picture will undoubtedly be an inspiration to many young boys and girls. This is one of our beginner teams at Primrose CC. They not just cute, they have an amazing record of winning 9 out of their previous 10 games. A big thank you to BAKERS for making all of this possible.

  5. Guinivea

    Oh how cute…takes me back to my childhood…my little brother used to play cricket…I still see him clear as daylight walking into the house all kitted out with his Bakers Mini Cricket Tshirt….
    Awesome photo!!!!

  6. Kerry-Anne

    Post author

    Aqeelah, we’ll post the rest of the photos under “Our photo albums” as soon as we’ve finished processing and watermarking them. So you might want to check back at the end of the week – hopefully we’ll have them up by then. I’m holding thumbs that I managed to capture a couple of shots of your son! I can just imagine what a fantastic experience it was for them to run out onto the field at Newlands, with the crowd applauding them. :)

    Mogammad, thanks so much for your comment. As I said above, we’ll be posting the other photos as soon as we can, so please check back at the end of the week. I guess there’s a really good chance that these photos will contain a few of our future provincial and national players… :) And well done to your team on their successes – onward and upward!

    Guinivea and Steffi, thanks for the comments. :) And thanks so much for voting for us, Steffi – it’s hugely appreciated!

  7. abraxas

    I was part of bakers mini cricket as a kid, in newlands too. Still have my metal badge :D

    Damn that pic caught me way off guard, took me back instantly ….


  8. luvo siko


    I leave in Philippi,Me and my friends have a cricket club in samora marchelle.
    We go around cape town with the young stars playing matches with other growing clubs,we are on a quest to get a sponsorship,is there anything you could do for us, we are trying to develp the sport in our area,my contact detals are 0767168408.

    Thank you.

    Luvo Siko


    What a wonderful inspiring photo this is – love it and just wish I could have been there to see them..

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