Not everyone gets excited about cricket

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I can so relate to Mr Newspaper Reader in this photo (taken at Newlands yesterday). The vibe at Newlands is energetic. Cricket is interesting once very few hours. Still, I can't say that you would ever find me at the edge of my seat whilst watching a match - especially a test-match - painfully unfolding.

As I'm sure you gathered from yesterday's post, Kerry-Anne visited Newlands to watch South Africa battle it out with Australia. I, on the other hand, took the opportunity to stay home and catch up on an ever-growing and unrelenting task-list. I believe that the weather was perfect - although it could have been storming and raining for all I knew. I spent the day hidden behind this same screen I'm looking at now. How sad. :(

5 thoughts on “Not everyone gets excited about cricket

  1. Kerry-Anne

    Firefly, it was a fantastic game. Let’s hope they can carry some of that enthusiasm and form over into the upcoming Pro20 games and the ODI series.

    Steffi, must say, I hadn’t really pictured Germany as much of a cricketing nation. :P

  2. Beverley

    I can get excited about cricket (and Rugby & tennis & golf!!) Paul some-one has to stay at home and do the hard work and this time round you drew the short straw!!


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