Litter sucks

Please do not litter

It's really strange to me that the City Council has to place stickers on bins in an attempt to persuade people not to leave their rubbish lying around.

I remember many years ago being astounded at the way a fellow passenger dumped her empty soda can half absent-mindedly out of the train window. So I guess there's my answer - it's for these "absent-minded" folk that we pay taxes to have stickers asking them to be nice and not litter.

Oh, and then don't get me started about the plethora of cigarette butts you'll find lying around public areas... heck, we don't even smoke and one of our outside plant pots has become a resting place for many discarded cigarette butts - thanks guys. ;)

3 thoughts on “Litter sucks

  1. Beverley

    I agree cigarette butts are a pain and for some unknown reason smokers seem to fling them out of their cars just as they go by our driveway – or so it seems to me.

    Cape Town in my opinion is actually a very clean city regarding litter but they’ll always be some-one who doesn’t think and will drop their used cans and bags around..

  2. Karin

    The litterbugs totally freak me out. I’ve just returned from the cricket at Newlands today and we were the only people I could see within our block that put our empty containers in a packet and dropped them in the bin. Everyone else left all their containers from the day under their seat. Absolutely disgusting!

    The same goes when you are at the rugby stadium, people just drop litter where they stand and could not be bothered to carry it to the nearest bin!

  3. Kerry-Anne

    Beverley, as you know, it’s always good to get the perspective of a visitor to our city, so thanks for that. And I don’t get that thing with smokers and their cigarette butts either… :-/

    Karin, I sometimes think that I must have been raised entirely differently to the people around me. It’s just not within my ability to leave my empty packets, bottles or food containers lying on the ground when I leave. I just can’t do it! If there’s no bin within a convenient distance, I take my litter home with me and dispose of it there. I simply don’t understand the mindset of people who appear not to care. Makes me sad. :-/

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