Coffee from a bygone era

Raadsaal Coffee

To be honest, I've never seen this brand of coffee before, but I'd bet that if I asked my parents they would remember it from many years ago... possibly before I was even born!

The word "Raadsaal" means "Council Hall" if you translate it directly... which I guess is an odd name for a brand of coffee. Strangely, if you zoom in you'll be able to read that the manufacturer of this traditional-Afrikaans-sounding coffee brand is an old British company, "Brooke Bond Tea & Coffee Co".

This aside, the funniest part of this poster is the phrase "Sterk Koffie!", which means "Strong Coffee!". If you zoom in you'll notice that the coffee consists of 62.5% chicory and only 37.5% real coffee... which, in my opinion, isn't very strong at all! :)

5 thoughts on “Coffee from a bygone era

  1. Johnny Peens

    ek is op soek na die Raadsaal koffie soos hierbo gesien word waar kan ek dit kry asseblief laat weet my baie dankie

  2. Paul

    Post author

    I have my doubts that you’ll find a tin Johnny. The Brooke Bond Tea & Coffee Co is still operational (in the UK and India, I think) but I have doubts that they still manufacture this coffee. Good luck though!

  3. Corne

    I have childrens rhymes porcelian/ceramic ornaments that came in the raadsaal coffee and would like to know if they worth anything and who can I contact if needed? Thank you

  4. Thomas

    This Coffee had a nice very strong aroma even in the isles in shops. One could smell its nice aroma overcoming from afar in Checkers, Ok and French (Spar).

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