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Jason Bakery’s “go somewhere else” opening hours

Jason Bakery's opening hours - go somewhere else
No really, they aren't open on Sundays or public holidays. Which is a real shame for those of us who don't work in the city. Totally understandable though Jason... you and your staff also need a break.

Jason Bakery – they love real breal

Jason Bakery - they love real breal
I've been meaning to visit Jason Bakery for a while now. Eventually the day came, so here's a quick no-frills review:

There isn't a lot of seating, but the bar chairs and tables attached to the outside pillars are actually reasonably comfortable. It was actually genius of them to small half-round tables to the pillars! The croissants are tasty, but the croissant-and-egg breakfast isn't much to write home about (and I was left feeling hungry). Their coffee isn't as good as Origin's, but it's not bad at all (I have a penchant for Origin's flat whites). The staff are friendly and efficient. I'd visit Jason Bakery again, and advise you to do so also! :)

If you believe there’s nothing up my sleeve…

If you believe there's nothing up my sleeve...
The chairs at Hard Pressed Cafe in Cape Town are decorated with vinyl album covers and lyrics. Pretty awesome idea hey?

FWIW, their coffee was pretty good and reasonably well priced - and we enjoyed the salmon and poached egg breakfast tremendously. They have many '90s vinyls for sale, although many of the used ones are somewhat scratched and the new ones seem overpriced at just under R500.

Great coffee at Green Point’s Shift

Great coffee at Green Point's Shift
Not only was Shift's coffee in par with Origin and Truth, but the service was pretty damn amazing. I've found that other artisan coffee bars I've frequented tend to have mediocre (even poor) service, whereas Shift (located in the Cape Royale Hotel building on Somerset Road) has superb service. You should try them out.

The coffee of champions

The coffee of champions
I don't often have the opportunity to visit Origin Roasting in Cape Town, but every time I do it makes me realise how easy it would be to become addicted to their flat whites if I lived in the city. They really are that good. Besides for the taste, what I really appreciate is that they don't make their drinks in tiny 3-sip coffee cups - they use respectable-sized cups that don't make you immediately regret not ordering two at first order.

Pretty ‘n good coffee

Pretty 'n good coffee
I ordered cappuccino at Beleza - and this is what arrived. Don't you love the cup? It actually does make a difference what you drink your coffee from.

As a side note, the coffee was pretty (in fact, really) good. In fact, I found myself wondering if it was Origin Roasting's coffee (which I still judge to be the best locally roasted coffee in Cape Town).

Quiet coffee and dessert at the Cape Grace

Coffee and dessert at the Cape Grace
If you'd like to go out for coffee and dessert, but don't feel like noisy crowds of people - visit the Cape Grace hotel. Their coffee's pretty good, and the dessert is simply divine.

Truth’s old coffee machines

Truth's old coffee machines
For the sake of general knowledge and trivia, did you know, the first steam espresso machine was developed and patented in 1884 in Italy by one Angelo Moriondo? That's not so long ago, now is it?

I found this gem at Truth Coffee Roasting, a popular coffee shop in Buitenkant Street. I'm sure it's no longer in use - they do, after all, have far more sophisticated espresso machines these days. But still, it's quite pretty - don't you think?

Let’s be nice – it’s freezing out there

Tribe Coffee at The Woodstock Foundry

Okay, I apologise Jake, I caught you off guard. :) Jake meet everyone, everyone meet Jake - roaster extraordinaire at Tribe Coffee Roastery in Woodstock.

Tribe recently launched their Tribe Winter Drive campaign to collect used clothes, blankets, and anything else warm you may not be using. Nope, not for themselves, for the homeless; those people who sleep outdoors in this crazy weather we're having. In exchange for your gifts, they'll provide you warm smiles and a steaming cup of Jake's handiwork - nice heh?

The drive lasts until the end of June, but don't wait until then, there are dozens of homeless people that could benefit from your hand-me-downs. Have a heart, do the right thing. :)

You'll find Tribe at 170 Albert Road in The Woodstock Foundry.

Tribe Coffee – I recommend you visit

Tribe Coffee - I recommend you visit
I wouldn't have thought I were a coffee snob - given that I drink plentiful amounts of cheap instant coffee, which (to be fair) I admit isn't coffee at all. But, it is true, I'm somewhat picky when it comes to coffee. In fact, I keep a mental journal of restaurants and coffee shops that serve up the vilest brews, and often end up avoiding them entirely, or (at the very least) make sure that I remember not to order their coffee.

I heard about Tribe Coffee at The Foundry in Woodstock. At the time I remember thinking it couldn't possibly be better than Truth, and for sure wouldn't top Origin, but, I have to say, it's close - and I think I may actually prefer their coffee to that served at both Truth and Origin. Sure, you don't believe me - and perhaps it's just personal taste at play, but you really should visit Tribe. Pay your R10 for their cup of brown gold, and then let's compare notes. Okay? :)

You'll find Tribe at 160 Albert Road in Woodstock, just a little down the road (and within walking distance) from The Old Biscuit Mill.

Espresso Bar in Buitenkant Street

Espresso Bar in Buitenkant Street
This either used to be Truth's espresso bar, or still is. I'm not sure. This photo, taken by @RelaxWithDax only a couple of months ago, shows the Truth name and logo on the front of the building. It is no more... do you suppose Truth has moved on?

A perfect location

House with a view
If you drive up Signal Hill, through Bo Kaap, you'll come across a small parking area (map) that shares this view of the city and of Table Bay. There's not much here except for an interestingly strange coffee shop (apparently the Noon Gun Tea Room) that was closed on a perfectly good afternoon.

The coffee shop aside though - isn't this just the perfect location for a home?

Treat-a-friend-to-coffee day

Drinking water at Truth Coffeecult

Truth Coffee opened its doors just off Buitengracht Street a few months back, and eventually, after wanting to visit for so long, and hearing reports of how awesome the coffee was, I decided to inaugurate the first "Treat-a-friend-to-coffee day", and experience the legendary heavenly drink.

And heavenly it was. Few people know how to make good coffee, but somehow David seems to get it right every time. (Perhaps you remember the article that Kerry-Anne wrote about Origin Roasting, David's previous venue?)

Now, you may notice something strange about the photo. Yes! No coffee! The truth is (if you'll excuse the pun :D ) that the coffee was so good that we finished it only moments after it landed on our table, leaving us with the freshly filtered bottle of water you see on our table (that I'm fairly sure cost only R15 - a bargain, even though I didn't get to keep the pretty bottle!). :)

Buena Vista Social Cafe in Green Point

Buena Vista Social Cafe in Greenpoint

We met a friend for coffee at Buena Vista Social Cafe, a Cuban-themed restaurant in Green Point. The decor is what I'd expect to find in an old Cuban bar; the best part of all is the old leather couches and chairs - like those you'd expect to find at your grandmother's house - making up a corner lounge-area, where you can enjoy drinks without having to sit at a table.

Buena Vista is a really nice place to visit, and if you've never been there before you should make a turn (and try the lamb and feta nachos!). Just be warned that the restaurant doesn't have a non-smoking section (which I thought wasn't allowed these days), so if you have an allergic reaction to cigars and cigarettes then best check that there aren't too many people smoking when you arrive.

Now that I think of it, perhaps the reason they're able to get away with a fully-smoking restaurant is because of the Cuban theme - you kind of expect to see people smoking cigars in a Cuban bar, don't you?

Coffee from a bygone era

Raadsaal Coffee

To be honest, I've never seen this brand of coffee before, but I'd bet that if I asked my parents they would remember it from many years ago... possibly before I was even born!

The word "Raadsaal" means "Council Hall" if you translate it directly... which I guess is an odd name for a brand of coffee. Strangely, if you zoom in you'll be able to read that the manufacturer of this traditional-Afrikaans-sounding coffee brand is an old British company, "Brooke Bond Tea & Coffee Co".

This aside, the funniest part of this poster is the phrase "Sterk Koffie!", which means "Strong Coffee!". If you zoom in you'll notice that the coffee consists of 62.5% chicory and only 37.5% real coffee... which, in my opinion, isn't very strong at all! :)